I combine the client's desired or established style with aesthetic appeal and well-thought-out functionality.


Perfection is important, and so are not overcomplicating or overdesigning elements to deliver a project on time.


I look at the whole process, focusing on what works and what can be improved upon with a streamlined solution.


My name is Magdalena Stanczyk and I like to do more than just design pretty things. My design journey started in high school when I landed a job working for an opera magazine. I knew right away that publication design was what I wanted to pursue, so I decided to major in Graphic Communications.

Most of my professional work has been in print, which gave me a solid understanding of color, layout and typography - but after discovering the wonders of web design, there was no turning back. Web, UX/UI design creates an ocean of learning (and challenging) opportunities, as well as plenty of specialty avenues. I truly enjoy getting lost in a design, and pushing my code limits to replicate my mockup and achieve desired functionality.

I've never taken my creativity for granted, and find that sometimes it's necessary to sleep on it or do something completely unrelated to overcome the creative block. The best sources of inspiration are often the ones I don't expect to find. For more traditional ways of inspiration and training materials I visit sites like UXPin, Behance, A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, Google Blog, Creative Bloq, etc.

Over the years, my motivation has also been attributed to teaching others and using what I know to make their job easier, more efficient and produce better final results.

When I am not designing, I like to read, swim and do Pilates.


Adobe: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver; Sublime; Balsamiq; HTML/CSS; Bootstrap; Drupal; jQuery


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Don't hesitate to contact me for additional work samples, or for more info about the projects you see here.

Magdalena Stanczyk